Michal: Victimized by Vicissitude and Never Vindicated. 

This documentary examines the story of Michal, King Saul's daughter and Davids first wife (1 Samuel 14:49; 18:20-28; 19:11-17; 25:44; 2 Samuel 3:13, 14; 6:16-23; 21:8; 1 Chronicles 15:29) 

She is accused of never quite grasping her husband's religious zeal.  However it seems that some folks skip over the credit she is due for helping David in his early struggles (saving his life) long before he was king. 

As her fathers murderous plot unfolds Michal works overtime to save her husband. When messengers come to her house war warning her of her fathers intentions Michal helped her husband escape by letting hime down through a window.  When her father commanded David to come to him, she sent back world that David was sick.  However much to her chagrin her father asked his messengers to deliver the sick David on his bed.


Michal took a large "statue" and put in David's bed and had it taken to her father. When he discovers the trick his daughter asked his daughter why she would deceive him.  Michal evaded her fathers' question by telling him that David had threatened her life and she had no choice.


David remained an outlaw for a while and King Saul married off Michal to a new husband. David married two additional wives.  When David was in the process of becoming king he demanded that his "wife" Michal be returned to him. This was done. When he returned to Jerusalem with the ark of the Covenant , Michal looked from a window and saw David, in his linen ephod, leaping and dancing and despised him in her heart.


When David returned to the house Michal came to meet and mock him. David returned fire telling Michal he does not care for her opinion (in language and phrases that only a husband and wife can understand).  

Summing the Bible story of Michal, first we see a loving courageous girl. But at the end we see a bickering woman who has not been able to shake her "anti-worship branding" over the centuries.