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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Two young lovers, lies, intrigue, emotional peaks and valleys, murderous plots, etc., all are a part of this narrative. The setting begins in royal halls, goes to the desert wilderness, crosses multiple battlefields, and eventually returns to the King's palace.

Unfortunately, this tale is far from the expected fairytale ending of "happily ever after."

Watch trailer now.

One of the things that have been the most "troubling" for me is how many perceptions of the existed. It seems I have been scratching my head nonstop since I started my research. I found myself asking: Are we all reading the same story? While I was able to find some scholars who understood her actions and situation, it seemed that there were far too many who were set on condemnation.

A Few Examples

"It is impossible they could ever be happy as man and wife, short of a miracle. David was all emotion, especially in divine things, whereas Michal was as proud and cold as if she had been a daughter of Lucifer, as indeed she was." Alexander Whyte

Biblegateway described her return to David as emotional and sad for her "husband" Phalti, but her situation like this: "Her pride and love for prestige left little room for weeping and although she knew she could never become David's ideal love, seeing she had been the possession of another man, yet as his first wife Michal thought of the position that would be hers at court."

And don't even get me started on all the "women's ministry blogs" whose only advice about this story is a warning about becoming a nagging wife.

Why Now? Why Care?

For me, it is easy to imagine how Michal felt, being a married man who didn't show any love or interest in her until he needed her to unite the kingdoms. I am also not surprised at her explosive anger toward David when he dances before the ark.

Yes, David, the "man after God's heart," was a lousy husband to Michal, but this documentary IS NOT a man bashing project. It is not even my desire to "prove what happened according to how I think or feel"; instead my focus is that this film will help us explore many questions, including:

  • Do we have to give up our dreams for happiness to be holy?

  • Why is this story in the Bible?

  • How do you "move on" if you feel victimized but never vindicated?

  • How can you pray when God's lack of intervention feels hurtful?

Get Inspired

While we are still in the beginning stages, I hope you will be inspired as you take this journey with me. I am always looking for suggestions and questions so please feel free to contact us (email, social media, etc.) Looking forward to sharing more in the coming months, including exclusive behind the scene footage and candid conversations with some extraordinary Bible scholars. Please join me in prayer for the completion and success of this documentary. I hope that this is just the first of a series.

Shonda Carter

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